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  • Discrimination, disease and dignity

    Discrimination, disease and dignity

    Maurilia wasn’t strong enough to walk. When she spoke it was in a disjointed combination of Spanish and Tu’un Savi, one of the languages of the indigenous Mixtec people. She bit constantly at her fingers and seemed to have lost all sense of time and space. But it wasn’t always like this. Maurilia had been […]

  • Discrimination and disease in La Montaña

    Discrimination and disease in La Montaña

    Maurilia was not strong enough to walk and spoke a disjointed speech between spanish and tu’un savi (mixtec indigenous language) while she was biting her fingers. She seemed to have lost the notion about time and space. She was born in november 12th, 1982, with the help of a midwife and studied until middle school, leaving studies to help her mother and her brother with the farm work.